Sunday, June 8, 2014

Delicate Blossoms

     Inspired by the "Charms Challenge" that my local Guild took on last winter, I began exploring more subtle forms.  I began preserving delicate blossoms in fine silver to keep a tiny piece of nature close to the heart.  These  dried blossoms held up well to the thinned pasting technique I had been using with my larger lace forms and served as a great place to start.  These open forms kept their outer surface textures and created interesting shadows on their interior.  Delicate pieces demand delicate presentation, so I have moved away from my usual heavier snake chains and to these fine looped chains to maintain visual balance.  With nowhere to  directly stamp these fine silver forms, a tag with both my logo and the metal quality was attached to the chain.  Come view them in person next weekend at the open event for Inspired Objects: Metalworking through the Ages at the Windsor Historical Society.

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