Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paste On!

This week saw more experimenting with the pasting method I described last week. By keeping the paste the consistency of cream and continuing to focus on this notion of porcelain "slip-dipping", more possibilities arose. Below is an image of one of the lacey pods cut apart and individually dipped. As they dried on the mug warmer (also pictured below), I began reassembling them and kept the small nugget shaped piece in a measuring spoon to maintain its rounded form. Once it's form had been determined, I added a small 4mm CZ to create a focal point and filed two of the openings large enough to pass a neck chain through. When I fired this piece it was on a fiber blanket to support its form. The finished piece is a Fine Silver Pendant set with a CZ and given a patina using liver of sulfur. Before setting it on a sterling silver snake chain, the final addition was purple silver plated wire woven through the voids in a pattern following the path of least resistance.  You can check out the finished piece above.

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